What Is a Racquet?


A racquets or racket is a very versatile sporting implement consisting of an unspoiled handle or handlebar with a curved open rim across it and a series of strings attached at one end to form a racquets “stringset”. It is most often used for striking or hitting a ball through a net at an outdoor game such as tennis, squash, badminton, rackets and racquetball. The racquet is most commonly used in indoor sports like tennis and badminton. Some racquets have small grips which allow the players to play “touch” or hold the racquet’s finger tips. This is the standard playing method in most countries in Europe and Asia, except in Japan where it is considered inappropriate.

Racquets – It is most often used for striking or hitting a ball

There are four basic types of racquets that are commonly used in all kinds of sports: the flat, broad, cross-necked and long-necked racquets. The flat racquets are very common in most sports because of its light weight and relatively short reach. It is the heaviest among the racquets and is usually used for high-powered shots. It is often used on tennis courts and in amateur tournaments. It was developed by a German company in 1883 and is still manufactured today.

There are many different racquets in the market today. The best way to find out about the right racquet for you would be to get fitted for one. The professional racquets that are used for professional tennis tournaments would not be the best racquets for you. Professional racquets are designed to absorb energy that the players’ hands can generate when striking the ball. Thus, you should only use your own strength when hitting a tennis ball.