Arborists are qualified professionals who specialize in the care and maintenance of trees. They promote the health and longevity of existing trees by implementing preventative measures such as trimming, fertilizing or watering when needed.

Arborist Apprenticeship | Mid-State Technical College

During a consultation with an arborist, you will be given a tailored prescription for your specific tree’s survival needs. Trees can vary greatly in their specific needs, given their variety of climates and locations. Consultations are usually performed by arborists for homeowners to learn how they can best take care of their trees. 

During these consultations, an arborist will check the container size, soil type, exposure to sun/shade, drainage and other factors that may affect the overall health of the tree.

Professional Arborists are also trained to identify problems that could potentially be hazardous for people or property, such as dead branches or other structural weaknesses.

They help protect trees from accidents by providing regular inspections and implementing preventative measures, allowing them to manage potential threats to people and property after identifying any issues in a tree’s structure.

By catching and repairing these problems before they become too large to handle, an arborist can keep your tree healthy for as long as possible.

The price for a tree surgeon will increase with these factors:

1. House Property

The property is a mansion with multiple trees that require treatment or removal. This may be because it’s difficult to take care of the entire property from the ground, so having a platform built into one of the trees can allow them to work more efficiently and therefore charge you less.

2. Weekend

The work is carried out on a Sunday. It may not be possible to find a tree surgeon available at this time, but they should still be able to give you an estimate for the price of their services.

3. Some Parts are Included

You need a part or all of your fence removed to allow access to the tree surgeon’s equipment. You’ll have to pay for this work in addition to the tree surgery itself.

4. Location

Your property is hard to access, both in terms of distance from the road and difficult terrain. Tree surgeons have specialist equipment that makes it easy for them to get up trees without having to use climbing irons or ropes themselves.

5. Type of Tree 

The largest factor which affects the cost of a tree surgeon is the type of tree being treated. Tree surgeons will charge you extra for certain types of trees, including:

a. Oak

Oak can be difficult to remove due to its deep root systems and may have to be reduced in stages over a long period. Ensure that your tree surgeon is fully qualified with experience pruning oak before they begin work.

b. Beech

Known to split easily, beeches can cause serious injury if they fall on a person.

c. Coniferous trees

These are more difficult to treat with chemicals and may require more than one visit from your tree surgeon.

Other factors that can influence the cost of a tree surgery include:

1. The time of year

Tree surgeons are busiest in spring and summer when they’re treating trees damaged by winter weather. This means that prices will be at their highest during these months.

2. The type of tree surgery needed

You’ll pay more to have the entire tree removed than you would have a single branch removed or taken down bit by bit, for example.

3. The number of trees that need to be treated. 

One large tree or several small ones will require more time and effort from your tree surgeon, increasing the price they charge you.   

When looking for a reputable tree surgeon in your local area, consider taking along photos of other trees on your property (or nearby) that could be mistaken for diseased or dangerous. This will help the tree surgeon provide you with an accurate estimate for their services.

Whatever your reason for visiting a tree surgeon, it’s important to ensure that you carefully select the right person to work on your trees and carry out any necessary treatments.

A reliable company will be able to give you quotations before they begin any work and provide you with written estimates should they be requested.

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