Master The Art Of Tree Removal With These 9 Tips

When a tree removal company is needed, people often turn to the internet to find what they need. However, before you choose a company for your tree removal needs, there are questions you should be asking yourself.

If you know what to look for in a tree service company before hiring them, it will help save time and money in the long run.

Tree removal can be dangerous work and finding an experienced company with employees who have been trained and wear the proper safety equipment is important.

Several things can go wrong and injuries may occur when removing large or hazardous trees from someone’s backyard or property. Tree debris must also always be disposed of properly too. 

Choosing the right tree service company is not always an easy decision to make either. You want a company that has all the proper licenses, insurance and that will give you pricing upfront without hidden fees or costs added later on.

If you are looking for experienced professionals who know how to handle every aspect of tree removal, here are 9 things to look for when choosing a tree service company.

1) Insurance 

Tree removal companies need to have liability insurance to protect their clients from any damages that may occur during the tree removal process. Be sure that your chosen tree service is insured before allowing them near any trees on your property.

2) Licenses 

Any reputable tree service company will be licensed and insured by the state and local municipality.

When you call a company for a quote, ask them for a license number and find out if they have the necessary insurances in place from their liability insurance policy before allowing them to complete any tree removal work on your property.

3) Services 

The best tree service companies will offer more than just tree trimming or tree removal services. Ask what kinds of services they offer and whether or not they prune trees, remove storm damaged trees, perform stump grinding, etc.

Tree cutters who do all these things are usually more experienced with taking down large trees safely and quickly without causing any damage or injuries.

4) Equipment 

Tree service providers should always have the proper equipment needed to make a safe removal of any tree on the property. If you ask for a quote, find out if they have cranes, bucket trucks and other machinery needed to safely remove large and/or hazardous trees.

5) Certification 

Specialized tree removal companies should hold specific certifications that prove their employees are highly experienced with tree removal and climbing techniques.

These certifications will depend on the state and municipality where the company is located but may include things like arborist certification, master arborists certification, ISA certified bondsman or insurance coverage certificate of insurance for liability claims etc…

6) Insurance Claims 

Find out whether your potential tree service has ever made any claims on their insurances policy due to an accident while performing work for customers? Has the company ever had to pay out any claims or has there ever been any legal disputes that might arise between you and them?

7) References 

Ask for references to learn about their tree removal work history. If they have a large portfolio of satisfied customers, they should be willing to provide you with their name, phone number and address so you can contact anyone who may have hired them in the past.

Request to speak with them directly too if possible as this will also give you an idea of how well the company handles customer complaints or negative feedback from those who are not happy.

8) Reputation 

Take some time before deciding on a tree service provider and search online for reviews from previous clients as well as local news articles where they may have been mentioned. This will give you a better idea of the company’s reputation and how well they handle their business.

9) Pricing 

Don’t settle for any tree service company that offers prices that seem too good to be true because it probably is! Always get at least 3 quotes from different companies before deciding on who you want doing your tree removal work.

Don’t go with the cheapest quote either, look at the companies references and reviews online before deciding which is most suitable for you and your needs. 

There you have it folks, 9 easy steps on how to conduct a proper tree removal project. 

Be sure to check back as we highlight some simple tips that will help you choose the most suitable tree mulching Perth service provider for your needs!