As we continue to face the challenges posed by climate change, we need to look at the role of land development and its impact on our environment. It is a fact that without development land cannot sustainably produce food, meaning that the majority of people will need to migrate to the cities or be on farms by the end of this century. In addition to this there is a huge need for energy, transport and communication and land development has resulted in some of these things becoming far more efficient and productive. Land development also means increased opportunities for building new homes, infrastructure and for business.

Planning Your Land Development Process

land development

There are a few issues that need to be addressed before you start the land development process, which are: * Environment * Planning Authority * Health & Safety * Local Authorities * Finance Any land development requires planning permission and a variety of other approvals depending on the type of development and the location. This check list will make it much easier to get things right on the first try. By creating a checklist you can make sure that all the planning permission is in place and you are aware of anything else that may have an impact on your development. A checklist is also a great way to ensure that all the approvals are in place and that everything is sorted out before you start your construction work.

The main aim of any land development project is to create a better lifestyle and build a better future for everyone. However, land developments do not happen overnight and do not always follow the blue prints of an expert architect or construction engineer. You need to get involved and act as a partner with the local authority, health board and local council in order to gain the consent and approval you need for any land improvements. If you are unsure about anything, then it is important that you find someone who is experienced in home building and home improvement to get it right.

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