There are several ways to store dried flowers for long-term use. Probably the most common way to store flowers is by drying naturally using a hot air lamp, putting them face down on a glass surface, and then letting them cool naturally. In this fashion, the dried flowers maintain all of their fragrance and essential oils. However, dried flowers also lose essential nutrients such as vitamin A and C when they are exposed to air, light, and water for prolonged periods. To compensate for this, some dried flower companies also use freeze-drying processes in which the flowers are subjected to extremely low temperatures and forced to become hard, brittle, and dry before being put into a protective container. visit us

How to Potpourri With Dried Flowers Will Last Longer

Dried Flowers

Another way to preserve flowers is by using potpourri. Potpourri is composed of dried out plant matter, powder, oils, and resins. The oils in dried potpourri are used to add scent and color to aromatherapy scents. Some brands of potpourri also contain resins which allow the container to hold in the aroma of the plant for a longer period of time. By using these special resins, the oils do not break down as fast, thus allowing the scent to last longer. Some companies that sell preserved potpourri will tell you how much longer the potpourri will last if it is stored in a plastic container versus a glass one.

If you choose to make your own potpourri, there are several tips to follow. First, choose a scent that will smell good even months or years later. Next, use quality wood shavings from old books or yard sales. These products have natural oils which will add more fragrance to your dried flowers. Lastly, add some pheromone oil and mace to the mixture in order to create a more appealing smell. Once you have successfully created a potpourri mix using these tips, you can let your imagination run wild and create your own unique scents.

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