The development of these luxurious villas is done keeping in mind the standards of living that people follow in the modern world and also to ensure that there are no shortcomings or loopholes in the area. Thus these luxurious residences are designed and built to ensure that they blend with the present times and lifestyle of their new tenants. These apartments are a one stop shop for all that is required when it comes to the convenience of living in a serene and calm environment. You can enjoy a lazy day lounging in your pool or taking a walk up to the balcony with your family and friends. This place is indeed a great asset for the people who live in bustling cities like London. Click here.

What You Can Expect From Belgravia Green Villas

From a relaxing and laid back perspective, the residents of Belgravia Green Villas will enjoy numerous amenities that include; swimming pool, spas, tennis courts, private recreational areas, clubhouses and so on. As a snapshot of the project, there are a total of 81 villas here for the selection. Buyers or future owners of Belgravia Green Villas will be promised to have top class fittings and that too with the utmost quality designs. These properties in the development are also managed and developed in accordance to international standards and have been awarded ‘outstanding achievements’ in the areas of plumbing, accommodation, construction materials and kitchen equipment, among others. In short, you are sure to get all that you want in your private residential oasis.

The whole project of Belgravia Green Villas is managed and developed by Singar International, a Singaporean based real estate concern known for its commitment to sustainable building. It has recently earned much fame and popularity by developing and constructing some of the most lavish and luxurious Singapore properties. Among the most renowned projects that it has developed are the villas in Belgravia Green, Singapore; HMD Premium and i malls in the core business district of the country. Apart from these, it has also developed commercial complexes and serviced apartments in the other regions of the country. Its other projects include the extension of its flagship HMD Platinum Park in Singapore, the Platinum Villas in Newington High Rise Singapore, the HHD I Bike Park in the north, and the I Office Complex in the south.

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