Yes, Travel insurance is mandatory for all the intrepid travelers like you. During the time of ticket booking, you must have to show your travel insurance as proof to ensure a safe journey. Although, it entirely depends on your bengal tour plans tour operator in Kolkata when you have to provide your travel insurance. However, you should make sure that you have bought comprehensive travel insurance to continue your vacation without any hazards.





Many tour agencies ask you to show your travel insurance on the first day of the trip. So, you will not be able to join the journey if you do not have any travel insurance. To gather more information regarding the necessity, regulations for travel insurance, you can ask your travel company Kolkata.They can provide you accurate information regarding the importance of travel insurance. Even, they can also help you to have your comprehensive travel insurance.


What does your travel insurance need to cover?

If you are planning for a short tour this weekend, do not forget to keep travel insurance with you. As per the rules, you will not be allowed to travel without proper insurance. If you want to get your travel insurance, then you can ask the best travel company in Kolkata for the same. They will guide you with the best and help you to get your travel policy. You should also know what your travel insurance should cover to ensure your full protection during traveling.

However, while buying your travel insurance, you should ask your best travel agency in Kolkata for comprehensive travel insurance. At a minimum, your travel insurance should provide cover against death, any accident, emergency repatriation, personal liability, medical expenses. Even, you should also pay close attention to your comprehensive travel insurance to ensure that it is covering cover luggage loss, cancellation.

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