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October 20, 2014

Ebola: American Incompetence or Malicious Intent?

by Lisa Cerda
Have we reached the “damned if we do, damned if we don’t” years? It seems to me that no matter what Washington D.C. does, it is either “too little, too late” or an “attack on liberty and justice.” The disdain for politics, the absolute distrust of our leaders, is so prevalent and rightly so. But the question remains; Who do we trust? My list of who not to trust is long:… More
Oct 10, 2014

Huckabee Holds Republicans in Contempt on the Issue of Gay Marriage

by Lisa Cerda
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is “utterly exasperated” with the GOP’s inability to take a stand for American values and the American family, and he has threatened to leave his party. "I'll become an independent; I'll start finding people that… More
Oct 09, 2014

Human Necessity: WiFi or Water?

by Lisa Cerda
Martin O'Malley, Governor of Maryland, was quoted in a CNN profile: "Baby boomers and older were often told that if we specialize in terms of our skills, we will be more secure and prosperous, that the definition of 'making it" was living out in the… More
Oct 06, 2014

Obama's Cabinet Plagued by Incompetence too

by Lisa Cerda
Resignations have become fairly standard under the last 6 presidential cabinets. Americans have come to expect it. It doesn’t even seem to hurt the careers of those who resign. They often move on to more lucrative positions. A lot can happen in the… More
Oct 01, 2014

The Solution is Tranquility?

by Lisa Cerda
The world is in dire need of tranquility. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we are often bypassing that most essential cornerstone of our existence. In part, this lack of tranquility can be tracked to the ever growing presence of a… More
Sep 30, 2014

VOTE OUT: Judicial Corruption on Nov. 4th

by Lisa Cerda
Richard I. Fine, Ph.D. the Founder and Chairman of Campaign for Judicial Integrity is hoping that Californians will wake up this November 4th and vote with a mission that will change our corrupt judicial system. The biggest difficulty is getting the… More
Sep 29, 2014

It’s Time to Stop Non-payment Tax Seizures

by Lisa Cerda
Why do we allow the government to benefit from creating economic chaos? Why spend a life time of acquiring when you don’t actually own anything under the present policies of the IRS? During economic good times we really don’t think about the poor… More
Sep 27, 2014

Ferguson Officer Shot

by Lisa Cerda
A Ferguson police officer was shot in the 1000 block of Smith Avenue after confronting two burglary suspects. The officer was wounded in his arm, it is not life threatening. The suspects fed on foot and maybe hiding in a wooded area near the scene… More

Oct 20, 2014

Feds Taking Bids for Vendors to Provide Millions of Immigrant ID Cards

by Allen B. West
You didn’t think President Obama would do anything about amnesty before the midterm elections? Think again. It’s been quietly going on right under our noses. Remember when we reported the government… More
Oct 20, 2014

Chicago Democrats in Bed With Local Media - Literally

by Allen B. West
We all know about the “Chicago way” when it comes to politics. Furthermore, America is quite accustomed to the bonds between the progressive socialists of the Democrat party and their media… More
Oct 20, 2014

Reading the Road Map to a Police State

by Aaron Tao
"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice." —Charles de Montesquieu If there was any silver lining to the horrifying events that… More
Oct 17, 2014

ISIS is Now in the Real Estate Business

by Allen B. West
Our American housing market is on a slow recovery as we climb out of the mortgage meltdown and the subprime crisis. Our gas prices are coming down – relatively speaking — thanks to innovations such… More
Oct 17, 2014

St. Louis Officer Who Called Activist’s Boss About Her Tweets Now Under Investigation by Internal Affairs

by Kevin Gosztola / The Dissenter
A St. Louis police officer, who called an activist’s boss and warned her boss about alleged “inciteful” tweets, is reportedly under investigation after the activist posted a video of her calling this… More
Oct 17, 2014

Obama Orders Airstrikes on Ebola (Satire)

by Peter Van Buren
“The time has come to act,” said President Obama today after previously asserting robustly that it was previously not the time to act. “And so, I have ordered airstrikes commencing immediately on… More
Oct 14, 2014

Have you read my book – "Now Tell Me I Was Wrong?"

by Tom DeWeese
You know, it’s been a couple of years since my book was published and I have sold a lot of them as I travel across the country, speaking about Agenda 21. But I took a few minutes during this past… More
Oct 12, 2014

Dallas’ Ebola Errors A Sign of Poor Preparation

by Betsy McCaughey Ph.D.
RoseAnn DeMoro, head of National Nurses United, is warning that hospitals in the U.S. “are not ready to confront” Ebola. But Thomas Frieden, MD, director of the Centers for Disease Control and… More
Oct 12, 2014

Claudio Grass: The Upcoming Swiss Gold Referendum

by Jeff Deist
Jeff Deist and Claudio Grass discuss the uniquely Swiss mindset behind the upcoming Swiss gold referendum, and how decentralization of political power is part of Swiss DNA; the tremendous geopolitical… More

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  • POPVOX: Travel Ban?

    October 20, 2014 Cerdafied - The Editor's Blog Lisa Cerda
    Congressmen Kenny Marchant (R-TX) and Sam Johnson (R-TX) plan to introduce legislation that "would ban travel and travel visas to the US for foreign nationals traveling from or through countries designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as having “widespread and intense transmission” of Ebola."
    • Stop Ebola Act (DRAFT): Would impose special limitations on the issuance of visas to, and the admission into the United States of, aliens having certain associations with countries with widespread and intense transmissions of Ebola Virus Disease.
    Congressman Dennis Ross (R-FL) has drafted a similar bill that "will restrict all commercial flights from traveling to and from Ebola affected countries until the virus is declared to be…

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