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July 25, 2014

Brzezinski: The Politically Awakened Masses are a Threat to the NWO

by Lisa Cerda
Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski forewarns the globalists that “a universal awakening of mass political consciousness.” has happened due to “instant mass communications such as radio, television and the Internet” and that that a worldwide “resistance” movement and “populist activism” has thwarted the New World Order implementation. No longer is… More
Jul 23, 2014

Internet Kill Switch Prevents Recording of False Flags

by Lisa Cerda
According to court documents, Obama and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did everything in its power to conceal the fact they have an internet kill switch at their disposal. It would effectively shut down all alternative media, the… More
Jul 23, 2014

The CONS on Facebook Want YOU

by Lisa Cerda
Today I had an encounter that I must share with you. I received a friends request from someone I knew through my community service in the Neighborhood Council. I added the friend, Tony Wilkinson, and went back to my work on social media posting.… More
Jul 22, 2014

Peace by Revelation - Exposing Nuclear Threats

by Lisa Cerda
David Chase Taylor is the author of The Bio-Terror Bible, and The Nuclear Bible. He is the editor and chief of, He earned his Bachelor's degree in Communication from San Diego State University and took on a quest for world wide peace… More
Jul 21, 2014

Desperate Times, Calls for Desperate Measures

by Lisa Cerda
We have all heard the saying, “Desperate times, calls for desperate measures.” The phrase is believed to have originated from Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician. This mini version of a life philosophy asserts that “unfortunate circumstances”… More
Jul 18, 2014

Karen Hudas: The BRICS are Trying to Save Americans From the NWO

by Lisa Cerda
When news broke about the BRICS creating their own bank to compete with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, I immediately reached out to Karen Hudas to get her reaction. As former Senior Counsel for the World Bank from 1986-2007, and… More
Jul 16, 2014

Can You Handle the Truth?

by Lisa Cerda
Truth #1 The US government is enslaving you through taxable debt. You can refuse to pay that debt and replace the Federal Reserve and your congress. Truth #2 America is now unsustainable, and so are you. Your financial security is tied to the well… More
Jul 15, 2014

Why Would Bergdahl Return to Active Duty, While Pink Slips Are Being Delivered?

by Lisa Cerda
It has been six weeks since Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was released from his five year captivity. He under went therapy at an army hospital and was debriefed concerning the nature of his departure from his unit in Afghanistan. The army believes Bergdahl is… More

Jul 26, 2014

CIA Intercepted Whistleblower Communications Related to Senate Investigation into Torture

by Kevin Gosztola / The Dissenter
The Inspector General for the CIA obtained a “legally protected email and other unspecified communications” between whistleblower officials and lawmakers related to alleged whistleblower retaliation.… More
Jul 26, 2014

More Brits Signing up to Join Isis Than UK Army Reserve

by Lisa
Today there will be a rally to support Middle East Christians from 12-3 pm in front of the White House. It will be interesting to see who shows up and if the media covers it at all. If you can’t make… More
Jul 24, 2014

How President Bill Clinton Prepared to Justify Criminalizing All Leaks of Information

by Kevin Gosztola / The Dissenter
When President Bill Clinton vetoed anti-leaks provision in 2000 that would have made nearly all unauthorized disclosures of information by officials a felony, he warned of a “serious risk that this… More
Jul 24, 2014

European Court of Human Rights Holds Poland Responsible for Allowing CIA Torture & Rendition

by Kevin Gosztola / The Dissenter
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that Poland had violated the United Nations Convention Against Torture when it allowed the CIA to torture and abuse prisoners on its territory. It also… More
Jul 24, 2014

Deadline Looms for NY 9/11 Investigation Ballot Referendum

by Whiteout Press
Past surveys have suggested that Americans tuned out the details and specifics of the attacks on 9/11 from the start. One poll last year found that a surprising half of all Americans don’t even know… More
Jul 24, 2014

A Ruling That Could Doom Obamacare

by Betsy McCaughey Ph.D.
The nation’s No. 2 court on Tuesday slapped down the Obama administration in a 2-1 decision that could kill the president’s signature health-care law. A less-prestigious federal appeals court issued… More

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Cerdafied - The Editors Blog

  • Border Agent Hospitalized, Are you Next?

    July 27, 2014 Cerdafied - The Editor's Blog Lisa Cerda

    A Border Patrol agent Jarrad Seely, from the Laredo, Texas, has been hospitalized for bacterial pneumonia he contracted while processing illegal immigrants. He is expected to have chronic asthmatic symptoms the rest of his life, according to information relayed by the agent.

    The illness made it difficult for the agent to speak and his health impacted has his entire family.  The agent was healthy prior to processing the immigrants, but now his future health is uncertain.

    Americans are concerned that the new strains of illnesses brought from other countries will kill many Americans. No doubt the CDC will use this occasion to force another round of vaccinations, causing even more deaths and permanent damage.

    Will anger over this influx of…

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